COVID Statement

In these uncertain times, people considering taking a guided tour may understandably have concerns about their health and safety. But with the UK’s professionally qualified and highly trained Blue Badge, Green Badge and White Badge Tourist Guides, you will be in extremely capable hands.

As part of their thorough general training, badged guides are expert in effective and sensitive group management techniques, on streets and at tourist sites, churches and museums.

  1. Guides will ensure they are familiar with the most up-to-date public health guidelines and will adhere to these for the duration of the tour.
  2. Guides will maintain government-recommended social distancing between themselves and clients at all times. On tours where the group includes different households, guides will encourage and help clients to adopt appropriate social distancing between each other too.
  3. When guiding groups from different households, guides will follow government guidance to determine the maximum possible group size.
  4. Guides will avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact with clients.
  5. Guides will apply rigorous hygiene practices, including thoroughly cleaning and waiting for hands to dry before guiding, and use a personal hand sanitiser when this is not possible.
  6. If requested, guides will consider wearing a mask or visor.
  7. Badged guides will know where public toilets/hand-washing facilities/hand sanitiser points are available.
  8. Remote audio devices (such as Whisper, Vox and variousapps) can be effective for social distancing on guided tours. Guides will happily work with tour companies using these systems.
  9. Badged guides are experts in the tourist sites they visit with clients. Guides will ensure they are fully aware of sites’ specific Covid-19 requirements and comply with them.
  10. Badged guides know the towns and cities where they lead tours intricately. Guides will be familiar with more crowded areas and will make best efforts to negotiate them, or if appropriate, avoid them.

If you have any queries related to Covid-19 and our tours please email us at [email protected].